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reliable trading
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GETMARGIN LTD is a modern company that has been a leader in the market of commodity exchange trading for more than five years. Our company has modern and multifunctional tools that allow you to successfully operate on commodity exchanges around the world!

GETMARGIN LTD highly qualified specialists daily improve their work strategies through regular communication, information and experience exchange with other traders.

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Communication with other market participants is a key moment of our concept due to the specific nature of our niche. A huge amount of information related to any asset we are trading is accumulated by our partners around the world, which undoubtedly allows our company to show high financial results every day!

In 2019, GETMARGIN LTD received the status of an investment company and provides a unique opportunity to increase the status of private investors. Every day concluding through the stock exchange more and more new partnership contracts with suppliers of various products, we are able to guarantee 100 % profit to each of our investors.

Today, our company successfully operates on:

  • London Metal Exchange
  • New York Commodity Exchange,
  • Chicago Commodity Exchange
  • as well as on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange

Working with such large world-famous trading markets allows our company to build long-term relationships with our investors based on absolute transparency and honesty.

Company №: 11934019
Our company has official registration in the UK and has all the title documents and licenses :

10 Dorking Close, Deptford, London, United Kingdom, SE8 5XA

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Energy raw materials

(gas, oil, fuel)

One of the most sought-after products of commodity exchanges, popular with traders around the world.

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Oil, seeds
and processed products

(soybeans, beans, soybean oil, sunflower oil, etc.).

Products without which it is impossible to imagine the existence of modern man.

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Non-ferrous and
precious metals.

This product is one of the fundamental positions of commodity exchanges, it is gold that occupies the dominant line of product ratings to this day.

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(wheat, rice, rye)

The main product of the agro-industrial sector of the world economy, millions of tons of grain are shipped daily to countries in North Africa and the Middle East

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(sugar, coffee, cocoa, spices, peanuts, etc.).

Billions of tons of coffee are drunk daily by the inhabitants of our planet; the high popularity of this raw material and the relatively low cost make it possible to extract huge profits for our company.

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Meat and live animals

(pigs, cows, etc.).

Meat is very popular in all regions of our planet and is one of the most sought-after products of commodity exchanges.

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(cotton, silk, wool).

World famous brands are purchasing huge amounts of textile production, so you could stand out your friends

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Industrial raw materials

(wood, plywood, rubber).

Due to the tightening of environmental standards in Europe, this product is in great demand all over the world!

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Convenient payment and
withdrawal methods
Min. deposit 10$ Min. withdrawal 0.1$
Min. deposit 10$ Min. withdrawal 0.1$
Min. deposit 30$ Min. withdrawal 5$
Min. deposit 30$ Min. withdrawal 5$
Min. deposit 30$ Min. withdrawal 5$
Min. deposit 30$ Min. withdrawal 5$