Investors frequently asked

01 FAQ What does your company do?

GETMARGIN LTD is engaged in investing and trading on commodity exchanges around the world.

02 FAQ What risks may arise when working with your company?

High demand for goods we trade has been stable for more than three centuries; thus, we can assume that our tariff offers are risk-free, but a consistently successful result in the past will never guarantee future success.

03 FAQ Who can be the investor of your company?

Any individual in the age of majority and registered on our website can invest and receive passive income, as well as active, attracting partners to the company.

04 FAQ How many accounts can I have?

Each investor can have only one account, but with the ability to create an unlimited number of deposits. In case of detection of multiple registrations, the admin office of the company has the right to suspend or completely block accounts.

05 FAQ What steps should be taken immediately after accessing my account?

You have the opportunity to specify the data of your payment system. To do this, you must enter the data of your e-wallet. It should be noted that the payment data is permanently stored, and you can change them only by contacting our support team. This precaution protects your investment in case of unauthorized access to your accounts.

06 FAQ Can I be sure of the security of my data?

Yes, to protect your data, SSL-encryption certificates are used, which provide 100% confidentiality of the transmitted data. Your personal information is not disclosed to third parties. The company's website is located on a reliable platform and protected from various kinds of attacks.

07 FAQ How to open a deposit in your company?

To open a deposit in GETMARGIN LTD you need to register on our website, accept the project rules, replenish your personal account with the amount you plan to invest, choose a tariff plan and start making a profit!

08 FAQ How many deposits can I open at the same time?

There are no restrictions on the simultaneous opening of several deposits.

09 FAQ What is the minimum and maximum investment amount?

The minimum investment in our company is $ 10, the maximum is $ 100,000.

10 FAQ Are there any additional fees for depositing and withdrawing funds from your company?

GETMARGIN LTD does not charge any additional fees, except those provided by your chosen payment system.

11 FAQ What is the minimum amount available for withdrawal?

The minimum amount you can request for withdrawal is $0.1 - for Perfect Money and Payeer and 5$ for LTC, BTC, DSH, ETH

12 FAQ How is the profit?

In GETMARGIN LTD profit is paid daily along with part of the deposit.

13 FAQ What is the type of payments in the company?

All payments in our company are carried out in manual mode!

14 FAQ What is the regulation on cash payments?

Our task is to make a conclusion as quickly as possible, but in order to eliminate different force majeure, the maximum request processing time is 24 hours.

15 FAQ What payment systems do you use?

For the convenience of our partners, we have chosen the most popular payment systems: Bitcoin, Pefrect Money, Payeer, Dash, Litecoin, EthereumIn. In future, we plan to expand the number of accepted payment systems.

16 FAQ How many withdrawal requests can I make?

You can place an unlimited number of applications, however, all applications will be considered in turn.

17 FAQ What currency is used for payments in your company?

The main currency of our company is US dollar ( US Dollar ), respectively, all incoming cryptocurrency payments are automatically converted into dollars at the exchange rate at the moment of the transaction and, accordingly, all outgoing payments to the cryptocurrency wallets from our company are converted into one or another cryptocurrency and sent to the desired account at the exchange rate at the moment of the transaction.

18 FAQ Can I change my sponsor?

No, you cannot change your sponsor.

19 FAQ Can I withdraw funds to payment system other than the payment input system?

At the time of the start of the project - no, only on the payment system with which the deposit was issued, withdrawal is possible.

20 FAQ Can I close the deposit in advance?

No, the project does not provide for the early deposits closure.

21 FAQ I cannot log in to my account because I forgot my password?

Use the password recovery function - we will send an email to your registered email address with detailed instructions and a password reset / change form. If you have not received an email, contact us via online chat or email to technical support address.

22 FAQ Can I delete the created account?

Yes, you can delete your created account by contacting the support via the feedback form.

23 FAQ What should I do if I cannot log in to my account?

This problem may appear due to web browser errors. There are two possible solutions, firstly, just wait a while and reload the page, and secondly, if the first step did not work, just clear the cache of the web browser. In rare cases, if the problem is not solved, you should contact our online chat or email to technical support address.

24 FAQ Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, our project provides 3-level affiliate program of 5 % -2% -1% of your partners profits.

25 FAQ I did not find the answer to my question, what should I do?

If you do not find the answer to your question, you can always turn to our experts from the support department through the feedback form and we help you!

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Min. deposit 10$ Min. withdrawal 0.1$
Min. deposit 10$ Min. withdrawal 0.1$
Min. deposit 30$ Min. withdrawal 5$
Min. deposit 30$ Min. withdrawal 5$
Min. deposit 30$ Min. withdrawal 5$
Min. deposit 30$ Min. withdrawal 5$