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Getmargin LTD is a trading and investment company founded in 2014

Getmargin LTD is a trading and investment company founded in 2014, the main activity of which is operating on commodity exchanges around the world!

For more than five years of experience , the specialists of our company have developed unique strategies for earning and increasing the capital of individuals. Every day GETMARGIN LTD traders conclude more than 10,000 futures contracts for the supply or sale of an asset on various world-famous commodity exchanges.

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In 2019, our company was officially registered as an investment company and now has the opportunity to attract the assets of private investors for operating activities. With our highly trained staff, we are ready to guarantee a steady daily income to each of our partners! Our business is interested in close long-term cooperation with our clients; therefore, we offer our investors a wide range of tariff plans to choose from, allowing us to receive up to 6 % of net profit every day! Read more

You will not need to receive any additional knowledge for successful profit, our experts will do all the work for you !

Our company has an official registration and a license to conduct investment activities around the world!

Registration number: 11934019
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322+ Investors
15+ Working days
$11609.59+ Invested
$1055.09+ Paid
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Affiliate program

The affiliate program of our company allows to receive additional income to all our customers!

Innovative investment system

Own intellectual investment system redistributes assets between the most profitable traders in automatic mode.

Daily withdrawal

Terms of tariff plans allow you to withdraw the dividends daily!

24-hour technical support

Technical agents of our company are ready to answer any question 24 hours a day!!

What products do we work with?

Below is a list of some of the most profitable positions of our activity.

Energy raw materials

(gas, oil, fuel).

Oil , seeds and processed products

(soybeans, beans, soybean oil, sunflower oil, etc.).

Non-ferrous and precious metals.

(wheat, rice, rye).


(sugar, coffee, cocoa, spices, peanuts, etc.).

Meat and live animals

(pigs, cows, etc.).


(cotton, silk, wool).

Industrial raw materials

(wood, plywood, rubber).


Affiliate program of our company implies affiliate commissions accruing from the your referrals profits up to the third level. The wider is your structure, the higher is your daily income!

Personal partners 5%*
1 level
2 level
3 level

*Affiliate remuneration is calculated on the profits of your partners.

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2,2% a day
on 30 days from 10$ to 500$ dep. at the end of term
2,5% a day
on 30 days from 501$ to 1000$ dep. at the end of term
5,25% a day
on 30 days from 1001$ to 2000$ dep. included in the payments
6,0% a day
on 30 days from 2001$ to 100000$ dep. included in the payments
Total percent:
Total profit:
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Convenient payment and
withdrawal methods
Min. deposit 10$ Min. withdrawal 0.1$
Min. deposit 10$ Min. withdrawal 0.1$
Min. deposit 30$ Min. withdrawal 5$
Min. deposit 30$ Min. withdrawal 5$
Min. deposit 30$ Min. withdrawal 5$
Min. deposit 30$ Min. withdrawal 5$